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5.5 Weeks to #IMFL

UGH…not only am I 5.5 weeks from Ironman Florida but I am also just 6.5 weeks from Ironman Mont Tremblant. No, I did not plan this set up. Check out the story and how I am managing to get through the grind… “Here I go again on my own….going down the lonely road I ever

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11 Weeks from #IMFL

11 Weeks from Ironman Florida but still LOVING and ENJOYING the fruits of my labor with #IMMT. So, when the heck do I take off this blue band?

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5 days after #IMMT

And 11 weeks from #IMFL…here are my thoughts going into IM Florida. Follow me as I attempt my 9th Ironman Triathlon!

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Two Days after #IMMT

Bonjour from Ironman Mont Tremblant, 2 days Post Ironman! In this video, I chatted about how I felt crossing the finish line, 90 minutes AFTER the finish line crossing, what happened during my race AND how I feel now….  

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Night Before #IMMT

Words can’t describe what I am feeling the night before my 8th Ironman Triathlon. God Willing. The support that I have is amazing…as I said before, “My Cup Runneth Over….”

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