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Night Before #IMMT

Words can’t describe what I am feeling the night before my 8th Ironman Triathlon. God Willing. The support that I have is amazing…as I said before, “My Cup Runneth Over….”

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2 Days from #IMMT, Ironman Mont Tremblant

Too much coffee? Not enough exercise? Pre Race Jitters! Maybe all of the above, 2 days from IMMT!

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My Cup Runneth Over….#IMMT

Thursday, August 13th… 3 days to Ironman Mont Tremblant I am lost with words as I started my trip to Ironman Mont Tremblant. I truly feel that I am doing my 1st Ironman Triathlon, even though this is my 8th Ironman Triathlon. I am not sure why I am feeling this way. Let me leave you

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5 Days from Ironman Mont Tremblant

I am in a much better place NOW, then I was a week ago…check it out! Interested in following me on Sunday, August 16th? Check out Ironman Live and my number is 249! See you at the finish line :)

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One Week from Ironman Mont Tremblant

My brick is done. And I decided to come to the pool to just reflect on life a bit. I am calling this Ironman journey, “My Why Journey.”  I think a lot about my conversation with my Grandpa about Ironman Hawaii. My Grandpa said he would go with me whenever I qualified in Kona and

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