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How America’s Got Talent Made Me Cry

As an Ironman Triathlete and less than 10 days away from my 8th Ironman in Mont Tremblant, I can be an emotional roller coaster. I LOVE reality TV ranging from “American Idol,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” and “America’s Got Talent.”  #AGT has been my favorite show recently since there are so many amazing people out

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1.5 Weeks from Ironman Mont Tremblant

Come enjoy my journey with me for the next 1.5 weeks as I get ready for my 8th Ironman Triathlon in Mont Tremblant! Video blogs to follow… Follow my journey in the next 1.5 weeks to get me to Ironman Mont Tremblant on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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Four Weeks from Today…Ironman Mont Tremblant

For those of you that know me or have chatted with me, I consider myself a “happy” person, love life and overall give my best at everything. Unless, I am four weeks out from an Ironman Triathlon.  If you have ever done an Ironman, you know exactly where I am coming from. If you have

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OK, I admit it…

As you know, I do love me some strength training for endurance athletes. I write about it. I have “Strength Classes for Endurance Athletes.” I give you all the  “Top 5 Strength Exercises for Triathletes.” I suggest different HIT workouts for you. Currently, I am working on getting my NSCA-CSCS Certification.  I guess you can say…I

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70.3 IM BSLT Race Report and Triathlon Tips!

I absolutely love 70.3 IM Buffalo Springs Lake, probably because it was my first 70.3 IM. I think you always love your first, even though it was tough as nails. Check out my post about my break down of the good, the bad and the ugly for 70.3 IM Lubbock. We keep going back. It’s

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