Jen Rulon

Time to find your happiness
and how to hold on to it!

Time to find your happiness and
how to hold on to it!

Coach Jen’s goal is to teach you how to live with happiness in your heart and take that back to everyday living.

Start at

July 9, 2022 (5:00 pm) 

End at

Saturday, July 16, 2022



Imagine this

You wake up to the ocean sounds. You make your cup of Costa Rican Coffee, grab your water and go sit on the beach. No phone. A journal. A book. You smell the ocean breeze. You hear yourself breathe for the first time in a while. You look around. You feel happiness in your heart. You think, “What do I need for myself to keep happiness in my heart in everyday life?”

At this retreat, I will explore with you what fuels your heart and your soul. We will dig deep through fitness, group walks, 1:1 walks, yoga, exploring Costa Rica, good foods, your alone time, and cherishing a community that will last a lifetime.

Happiness shouldn’t only be on a vacation. It should be an everyday goal for my everyday humans!

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Become one of my happy clients...

"Jen is a pure professional in every sense of the word. If you don’t have Jen in your life, you need to. Got Jen?!?!"

Melissa Hecke

Employee of Southwest Research Institute

"I have seen thousands of presenters in my 20-year career of providing technical support for some of the most intelligent and dynamic people in their chosen field of expertise at SwRI. I must say that THIS young lady impressed me off the charts!!! Wow...her personal Ironman Triathlon accomplishments, her desire to share her wisdom via coaching, and her desire to accomplish a Masters degree to understand better Human Performance truly set her amongst the cream of the crop!!! SHE IS AWESOME!" (From Facebook)

Jessica Massay

Owner, jump insights + planning

"So, I'm not a triathlete, but I am an athlete and have known Jen for years. She's inspirational for her athleticism and accomplishments for sure…but she is more inspirational for her heart, desire to help others, and willingness to share her story. Invite Jen to speak to your group, and she will tailor the presentation to connect and motivate others. She'll be honest, open, and make you think differently. She's a real breath of fresh air!" (From Facebook)

Elizabeth Dinn Marsh

Owner of Pediatric Therapy Specialist

"Thank you so much for today!! Our team loved it! Eric and I both appreciated how well you listened to our needs and researched our business. It was very evident in your talk."

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