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“Life Lessons of an Athlete” Summer Series

Starting on June 6th Noon CST, I will be doing a “Life Lessons of An Athlete” Summer Series on FaceBook Live. Each week will be at different times and days as I am trying to grab more people. I wanted to really sit down with people on FB, through my own experience but with other

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5 Tips to Lose Your Ironman Race Day Blues 👊🏼

Those words will be ingrained in your head: “You. Are. An. Ironman.” You accomplished what you have been training for, for the last year. You go to bed after that long day and wake up sore, tired, sunburned, smiling from ear to ear, and happy. You did an Ironman (or a 70.3 Ironman). A week

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What Does a Triathlete Need for 2018? Survey

Every year, I look at what was accomplished within my business. I will also see what athletes are looking for and what they want to learn for the 2018 Triathlon Season. This week is not a blog/vlog but it is a survey,  that would take you about 3 – 5 minutes to fill out. Depending on

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Top Six Holiday Gifts for Triathletes

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for jumping on my website and wanting to learn more about YOUR triathlon journey and then seeing what I am doing as well! Truly my cup runneth over. With that said, I made a little infographic of for you all, so you can share it with

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Triathletes & “Season of Improvement”

It is mid-September. Some triathletes are finishing up their triathlon season. Other triathletes will finish their season after Ironman Kona. Some may have a “late” off season, as they may be doing Ironman Florida or Ironman Arizona. As we head into the “off season” of triathlons have you thought about what you want to do

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