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Jen Rulon's Story

Jen Rulon's Story

I have been a triathlon coach for 22+ years and the owner of I received my Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science.

You can find my knowledge as an author and speaker ranging from Triathlete Magazine, Runners World, on the TEDx Stage, Men’s Journal Online, The New York Times, and the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Dec 2022 Commencement Speaker.

Click HERE for the link, and start at 1:25. 

I have a book called “Self-Motivation Strategies for Women,” about how I have lived through passion, grit, and heart. 

I also practice what I preach–I am a 15x Ironman Triathlete who qualified and participated in the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, on October 14, 2017.

Check Out What I Offer:

My 1:1 Triathlon Coaching

I’ve realized over the last 20 years of coaching triathletes that “success” comes down to so much more than swimming, cycling & running — it’s learning about and leaning into who you are as a human being, genuinely digging deep into what you want out of life, and figuring out how to get there. 

Active Travel to Costa Rica

As I am enjoying my journey in Costa Rica, I am starting to recognize that there is more to beaches and sipping coffee in Costa Rica.

 I want to share what I see through my eyes and fitness. 

Buy One of My Books

Yes, I am a Self Publisher & Author:  It was the end of 2016, and I found an article about “How to Write an Ebook on KDP.” I looked at all the blogs that I had written, and a lightbulb turned on. I was asked so many times about strength training for the triathlete that I decided to write a book called “Rulon Rules: Strength Training & the Triathlete.”

Yes, I am an Author with a Publishing Company:  This is where “Self Motivation Strategies for Women” comes in. “Self Motivation Strategies for Women” was designed through passion, grit, and heart. While I had an editor and publisher that put together an outline, it truly made me realize that this has been how I have lived my life. I have always lived and loved with passion, grit, and heart.

What Happy Clients Say

Jen will make you believe you can do anything! She turned my can't into cans! She was there for me on my good days and got me through the not-so-good days. She adjusted my training to fit with being a wife, mom of 3, and elementary school teacher! She helped me set goals and crush them! In return, I gained much knowledge I will carry throughout life. There is a fine line between coach and friend with this one.

Cristina Bergeaux Ironman Finisher, Mom & Amazing Human!

From a Non-Swimmer to an All-World Athlete: Our journey as coach and athlete started in 2010 with a fun meeting at LifeTime Fitness pool when Coach Jen realized that I couldn't swim to save my life, but I had already paid for a half Ironman just seven months away. With hard work, tears, blood, fun, and dedication, she got me to finish my first triathlon, Longhorn 70.3, and we have been at it since then. In 2018, under her guidance and friendship, I became an AWA, a dream of mine. She is kind and knowledgeable, lifts you, and helps you through the bumps on the road to reach your goals. I couldn't have done it without her. Love Coach Jen

Ana Voss 10x Ironman Triathlete & Artist

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the TrainingPeaks course "Introduction to Business for Endurance Coaches." I'm a new coach that started a blog and doing some run coaching about a year ago as a passion project and only recently decided to chase this as a career. As someone right at the beginning, I thought your course was really well organized and incredibly applicable. I will review these materials for a long time and take your action items in these modules seriously. I also really appreciated all the notes and additional learning references you included with each module and have these bookmarked.

Greg Marshall Treeline Endurance Coach & Owner

So, I'm not a triathlete, but I am an athlete and have known Jen for years. She's sure inspirational for her athleticism and accomplishments, but she is more inspirational for her heart, her desire to help others, and her willingness to share her story. Invite Jen to speak to your group; she will tailor the presentation to connect and motivate others. She'll be honest, open, and make you think differently. She's a natural breath of fresh air!

Jess Massey Business Owner & BA Momma!

Review“Jen’s encouragement is passionately dripping off the pages like tiny droplets of water to the dry mouth of an Ironman athlete. Breathe it all in, slowly, like the smell of the air after a summer storm. Her approach is a collection of timeless strategies that, once applied, have the ability to move you down the road to living your best life.”

Self Motiation Strategies for Women - Jen Rulon
Frank Sole Swim Coach & Author

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