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Daily Meal Planning 🍌🍳

**Disclaimer: This article may be more for triathletes that are just starting to get into the sport or people who are wanting to get a little bit more organized with their food intake. This article may not be for your if you have been doing this for a while. I have so many people asking

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Race Day Nutrition for IM 70.3

Today, I want to chat with you all regarding what type of nutrition, I took in last year at Ironman 70.3 Texas. I chatted to my FaceBook Audience last year about my Race Day Nutrition for Ironman 70.3 Texas. I know  and I figured it would really help you and I really broke down what

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #8

Finally have a routine down to my #RulonTriTip of the Day. Here is the breakdown: Mindset Monday | Triathlon Tuesday  | Winning Wednesday  | Triathlon Thursday  Follow Friday | Strength Training Saturday | Surprise Sunday 

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #7

FINALLY uploaded. I was having the hardest time uploading and figured out that Apple has a device on our phone to record from our phone. Good old Apple! Enjoy this weeks!

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Rulon Tri Tip | Week #6 | 2018

Here are your Rulon Tri Tips of the Day from Week #6!

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