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Top 14 Lessons from My 14 Ironman Triathlon Journey – Part II

Each Ironman that I do, I learn about myself. I learn how to race an Ironman Triathlon. I learn what I can accomplish not only physically but mentally. There are a lot of highs and lows in these races. But isn’t that life? I just choose to learn about life through the eyes of a

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The 5 Feels of Ironman World Championship 🌺

The 5 Feels of Ironman World Championship 🌺 Ironman Kona week this week and I am feeling a bit nostalgic about seeing everyone in Kona this year. Why? Let’s look at the word, “nostalgic.” According to Google Dictionary, nostalgic comes from nostalgia, which means: “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for

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“I Digress Podcast” and Coach Jen Interview!

I had the pleasure of “meeting” Erol on Instagram…of course! He interviewed me after the Ironman World Championship and we had a good time chatting! Get ready for the podcast next week!

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Ironman Hawaii Post Race Vlog Part II

Super stoked to share the rest of my Ironman Hawaii Journey with you. It was truly magical, surreal, emotional, overwhelming…you name it! I hope you enjoy the “Rest of the Story…”   Enjoy the photos from the Ironman Triathlon World Championship!

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Ironman Hawaii Post Race Vlog Part I

Ironman Hawaii Post Race Vlog Part I. I did this while I was still in Kona, Hawaii and truthfully, I am super glad I did it. As I was watching the videos and putting them together, it truly made me smile. After the race, I sent an email to my team, and told them that

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