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Looking for BAD A$$ Athletes, who has the passion, desire and determination to cross that finish line. 

Jen Rulon is a passionate USA Triathlon Level I Coach, CrossFit Coach and a Pose Method Running Coach in San Antonio, TX, who specialized in strength training for triathletes. She is the founder of The Strongest Mile, a strength and conditioning program designed for endurance athletes. Let her teach you her passion of triathlon. The desire to see her athletes to succeed and educate on the WHY's of training. 

"All our dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them." ~ Walt Disney

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Friday, 01 August 2014

What photo is happy? Photo on the left is #TBT, August 2011. Photo on the right was IM-CDA in 2014. 

Left photo: A great photo shoot at the gym. I was working out a TON, going to get my Masters Degree, working and studying quite a bit. Sounds like a good life...honestly, I was in a bad spot in my life, 2 miscarriages that summer, which would be 4 miscarriages total. I worked out too much, didn't eat much, drank too much. I was not happy but I looked good at 128 lb.. Right?

Right photo: Photo at the lake at Ironman-Couer d'Alene. Once again, working out a ton but getting ready for an #ironman, building my business and my brand, coaching athletes, trying to qualify for Kona and loving life. Add 10 lb. to my frame BUT I am HAPPY. 

We look at "skinny" women but we don't know what is actually going on in the inside. They may look "skinny" on the outside, look awesome, but maybe they aren't eating and possibly starving themselves to look that way. 

Don't look at people by how they look on the outside...get to know  people from the inside. Look at where their heart is. This is a true sign of happiness...

Posted on 08/01/2014 9:00 PM by Coach Jen

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Last Thursday, July 24th, I had the privilege to give a motivational talk at lululemon athletica Quarry Market to R&D Members, who are coaches, instructors, Personal Trainers, Gym Owners, Health and Fitness People, etc. 

I explained in 2009, when I applied for my Masters program at UTSA, that my personal statement stated that I wanted to change the obesity rate in San Antonio. See for the full personal statement that I wrote in 2009. What I realized AFTER I graduated, I couldn't do it alone.

There are 1.39 million people in San Antonio. In 2013, the obesity rate went down from 31% to 29%, which is great BUT we need to do more. 29% of 1.39 million people is 403, 100 people who are still obese.

We have numerous #CrossFit gyms, personal training studios, Gym (LifeTime Fitness, Golds, etc), yoga studios, Pilates studios, Coaches (#run#triathlon,#cycle#swimming), and over 100 FREE Fitness in the Park Classes. Out of all of these places, we probably have 580 +/- trainers, coaches, instructors in San Antonio...I maybe on the low end. 

If we take 5% of that 403,100 people for every trainer out there....each trainer, coach, instructor needs to touch 35 lives per year, to help get in shape, to#educate them, to inspire them to have healthier lives, to want to live longer, to want to be around for their kids and grandkids, and to be #happy again. 

San Antonio needs us. lululemon athletica in #SATX has given us the space to create, support one another, help and inspire people in SAT. It is time to change person at a time.


Posted on 07/30/2014 11:00 AM by Coach Jen

Monday, 28 July 2014

Pool WOD Workouts for August 4th, 2014 from 10-11:30 am

Easy Breezy WOD #1 


5:00 AMRAP (In Deep Diving Well)

Swim 20 meters/5 Push Ups

Swim 20 meters/5 Pull Outs or 5 Burpees (if you can't do a press out, up the ladder and do 5 Burpees)

(Do as many push ups and pull outs for your score)

The Swim Thruster WOD #2

Partner WOD (2 people)

4 RFT (Each person does 2 rounds of swimming/2 rounds of 20 DB Thrusters/10 Sits Ups)

Team Member 1 swims 100 meters while Team Member 2 does:

20 DB Thrusters

10 Sit Ups

Team Member 2 swims 100 meters while Team Member 1 does:

20 DB Thrusters

10 Sit Ups

REPEAT 2x's 

Learning the ABC’s Pool WOD #3

Team WOD (3 people)


Here are the details:

Who: Triathletes, CrossFit Athletes, Runners, Swimmers, and etc. 

What: 2 - 3 Pool WOD's (Individual, Partner and Team)

When: August 4th, 11th and 18th from 10-11:30 am

Where: Alamo Heights Pool, 250 Viesca St, San Antonio, TX  78209

Why: Because we CAN!

Entry Fee:  $10.00 for Alamo Heights Pool Members
$15.00 for NON Alamo Heights Pool Members

Sign Up TODAY. Space is Limited!


Posted on 07/28/2014 11:00 PM by Coach Jen

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