Jen Rulon

Swim with Me in Costa Rica!

Hi, My name is Jen Rulon. I am a 15 x Ironman Triathlete, who participated in the Ironman World Championship, so, you could say that I have swam quite a bit in my life. 


I have been a triathlon coach for 22+ years and have taught numerous athletes how to swim, from people having NO IDEA how to swim to becoming an 11x Ironman Triathlete. 


Let me help YOU swim at a swimming event in Costa Rica or to Isla Chora in Samara or to feel more comfortable in the water. 


Adult Fee: USD 50/35,000 colones for 45 minutes, including pool workouts, if you can make it to a pool. 

Child Fee: USD $25/13,000 colones for 30 minutes ONLY at a pool. Parents must have access to a pool.

Testimonial From A Parent

Jen is an incredible swim coach! If you tried to build/describe the ideal swim coach, you would end up with Jen.


She is super super knowledgeable, dedicated, giving with her time, flexible, adaptable to whatever style or cadence is needed, optimistic and creating Positive inertia for the lesson at every turn. We’ve had the honor of having Jen do swim lessons with our nearly 4-year-old. In A months time or kiddo went from not being comfortable blowing bubbles to 30 second back floats with her lifejacket on in the ocean, in addition to jumping into the pool on her own, putting her face underwater for over 10 seconds repeatedly, and so much more.


Jen is awesome, you will be in incredible hands, no matter your age or skill set!

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