Jen Rulon


Are you looking for a nutritional change but unsure how to do it? Are you wanting to learn about counting macros but are not sure how to start?

What You Will Do:

*I will have you fill out a three-day journal.

*I will get all your information, compile it together, and give you my feedback on what YOU can do differently.

What You Will Get from Me:

*We will do some soul-searching before, during, and after our call.

*You will have access to me for two weeks on What’s App from 9 – 5 pm.

*After a month, we will connect via email to see the changes you have put in place and know what you need to do moving forward to being YOU!

Are you ready to make that shift? Let me help!

What’s The Investment?

One-time Fee: $197/one time


Month-to-Month:  $99/a month

*Three-month minimum

*All of the above but Weekly photo and weigh check-in every Friday

*Adjust macros over the three months as needed.

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