Pre Ironman Texas 2015

An awesome 50 minute run today in the Woodlands. Ran part of the Ironman Texas course. Trying to get the energy to go lift down stairs in the hotel exercise room. I don’t have my voice right now and feeling pretty darn tired. I know that being a Sherpa for an Ironman Triathlon is a very long day. Honestly, it is easier to do an Ironman than being a Sherpa.


PS. Athlete check in today…LOVE THE ENERGY!






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Two Days Pre IMTX 2015

A 40 minute swim at the Conroe ISD Natatorium (it’s a must) and a run in the Woodlands, Texas. Ironman Texas…here I am… ready to cheer my athletes on! I love being in this element.

Conroe ISD NatatoriumIM Mont Tremblant Journey

I am seeing people who I have only “met” on Instagram and I am seeing so many people that I haven’t seen in the last 8 years of my sabbatical. I had dinner with the owner of Base Performance. This is a MUST ATHLETES! Check out the website!

Base Performance IMTX

It’s a great day to be alive! 

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Strength Triathlete Ironman

Tip #2 out of 5 – How to Put Together a Strength Workout for Endurance Athletes

Tip# 2 out of 5  – Swimmers. Cyclist. Runners. Triathletes.

On Tip #2, you will notice how I am activating one major muscle during the lift but then utilizing other muscles for the High Intensity Training Workout!  Check out which muscles I am working in the video!

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Ironman Triathlete San Antonio Texas Coach

Eating the Elephant….Ironman Triathlon Race

Dear Soon-To-Be Ironman Triathlete,

Best advice that I ever received before my 1st Ironman Triathlon in 2002. Now, I give to you!

Your Coach and Friend,


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5 Tips Strength Triathlete Runners

Tip #1 out of 5 – How to Put Together a Strength Workout for Endurance Athletes

Swimmers. Cyclist. Runners. Triathletes. 

How do you put together a strength workout? I have put together a 5 part series for you!

Here is Tip #1:

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