On the 10th Day of Pose Method Running…

10th day of poseMy Pose Coach gave to me…Learning more specifics about pulling.

A lot of runners think that we should be pushing off the ground with running, where in Pose Method Running, we want to pull our foot off the ground.  Dr. Romanov states in The Running Revolution that, “Efficiency and precision in changing support come through pulling and unloading the weight.”

Let’s look a little more specific when it comes to pulling. Pulling can be tough if you aren’t falling enough. Pulling ultimately begins as soon as falling ends. Remember, we don’t want to be falling at 22.5 degrees…right? (See Day #9)

Here are some more drills:

Foot Tapping:

  1.  Left leg is on the ground.
  2. Start tapping the ball of your right foot under your hip and use your hamstring to pull the right foot underneath your hip or to your knee.


Transition to a Run Drill with Foot Tapping:

  1. From the running Pose, let your right foot drop toward the ground and land on your forefoot under your hip.
  2. Right heel will “kiss” the ground.
  3.  Use your right hamstring to quickly pull the right foot back up under your hip.
  4.  Keep ground contact time to a minimum with your right foot. The rhythm of pulling and landing should be up fast and slow on your way down.
  5. After you start doing that faster in place, try to go for a “fall” and run with the tapping and “kissing” of your foot.
  6. Switch legs. You may notice one is easier than the other.

My advice for today: Go enjoy your run! Sometime thinking too much when we run is tough when it comes to Pose Method Running. But if you put the time in for learning this technique, it will be much easier to run with less injuries and you wouldn’t have to think about it as much!

Have an AWESOME Saturday and see you tomorrow for Day #11! Almost done…

Disclaimer: All of this information would NOT be possible if it was not for Dr. Romanov and his AMAZING team at Pose Method Running. Check out the new book, “The Running Revolution.”

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On the 9th Day of Pose Method Running Tips…

9th Day of Pose Method

My Pose Coach gave to me… learning how greater falling angle = faster speed.

Learning how to fall at a greater angle, will teach you how to run faster. In Pose Method running, Dr. Romanov has calculated many runners and their falling angle. For example, Usain Bolt is the fastest guy in the world, right? Guess what, he has the most extreme angle of falling at 21.4 degrees. The degree to fall on your face is 22.5 degrees. Remember, when we are talking about the runner’s angle, we are looking at the ball of the foot to the hip.

Think about your angle of a fall for a marathon, half marathon versus a 5k or even a 200-meter sprint. Your angle will be very different for each event. You wouldn’t be able to knock out your 200-meter sprint angle for a marathon run angle. You would peter out within minutes.

Greater Falling Angle = Faster Run = Higher you Pull your legs.

I talk about this during the clinic, for you to maintain a higher knee pull for a 100-meter, like Usain, no way will you be able to hold that high knee pull for a full marathon. Look how high these guys knees are…

12 days of poseLook at these guys running a marathon. Their knee drive isn’t as high as the sprinters. 6a00d83451b18a69e201156f49cc9a970c-500wi

Now, I want to go back to our falling drills and re-look at them:

Falling Drill with wall (Both Feet on Ground and in Pose position):

  1. Get into your Springiness Pose
  2. Prepare to fall aggressively
  3. Fall into the wall, leading with your hips but over exaggerate your fall by hyperextending your back, forcing you to fall more with your hips, then your chest (which you shouldn’t be ;))
  4. Please catch yourself with your hands
  5. Repeat  x 5
  6. Same falling drill now in your Pose position.  5x’s each leg.

Have an AWESOME Friday and see you all for day 10!

Disclaimer: All of this information would NOT be possible if it was not for Dr. Romanov and his AMAZING team at Pose Method Running. Check out the new book, “The Running Revolution.”

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On the 8th Day of Pose Method Running Tips…

IMG_7333My Pose Coach gave to me…how to hold your arms.

Recently, I worked with a 12-year-old girl, who pumped her arms so big that it really was affecting her stride, along with having some injuries. I asked her where did she learn about the arms…she stated her coaches from school. Sometimes, we think that running is such a simple concept but when we start running young and are told the wrong way to run, it get’s engrained in our body and mind. Remember Phoebe from Friends?

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.30.29 AM

We have talked about Pose, Fall and Pull but let’s talk how the arms work.  “Old School” Coaches think that pumping the arms will increase speed (see example above) but in Pose Method Running, the function of the arm is to create a counterbalance with our legs, according to Dr. Romanov in “The Running Revolution.”  We want to “listen to our body and our legs.”

Trail running is a great example of listening to the legs and body and figure out how to make adjustments. You stumble over a tree trunk…what happens?  Your arms will make an adjustment to correct your balance. Or you will fall!

What do I tell people to do with their arms?

  • Hold the arms at a 90-degree angle to the side.
  • Shoulders are relaxed.
  • Arms are relaxed.
  • Hold “potato chips” in your thumb and index finger. Don’t break them or eat them.
  • Right leg goes back. Left arm goes back.
  • Left leg goes back. Right arm goes back.

When you head out for your nice easy run, think about your shoulders, arms and how they are holding and counterbalancing your for your run. Look at the photo below:

pose-running-sequenceHave a ROCKING Thursday! See you for Day 9!

Disclaimer: All of this information would NOT be possible if it was not for Dr. Romanov and his AMAZING team at Pose Method Running. Check out the new book, “The Running Revolution.”

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On the 7th Day of Pose Method Running Tips…

My Pose Coach gave to me…learning about muscle elasticity with the Achilles Heel.  IMG_7329

(Warning: A lot of Scientific Data and Information Overload!)

The Achilles tendon is the thickest tendon in the body. Here is a little anatomy for you: a tendon, such as the Achilles tendon, connects muscle to bone. It is at the back of the lower leg, and it connects with the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles (aka: Calf muscle) to the Calcaneus (heel) bone.

Now, let’s talk about Physics:

“Ground reaction force (GRF) happens when your foot makes contact with the ground and the ground pushes back with equal force,” states Dr. Romanov in “The Running Revolution.” We want to think about Newton’s Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Greater angle in your fall, great GRF. If you are a swimmer, you are applying Newton’s Third Law…right? The swimmer is pushing the water backwards, while the water simultaneously pushes the swimmer forward. When your foot makes contact to the ground, your muscles and tendons will lengthen like a bow-string, absorbing the GRF of impact.

WOW! WHAT A MINUTE!!! BRAIN OVERLOAD! But here is why it is important!

Your Achilles tendon is the muscle-tendon elasticity system that will help you react to the ground faster. This will ONLY happen though when you land on your forefoot. Think about when you heel strike…that is a TON of impact on the body, hence you will see PF, IT Band issues, etc. Look at your back leg of a dog, cat or cheetah…pull back on that leg. What happens? It “springs” back. They have that muscle elasticity that we don’t have. We need to work on it.

Craig Alexander running on Forefoot. Heel Striker behind him.

Craig Alexander running on Forefoot. What is going on behind him?

How do we work on our muscle elasticity with our Achilles?

Base Jump Forward Movement Drill

  1. Start in your Springiness position.
  2. Shift your hips over your base of support and fall forward.
  3. Jump to catch yourself but be careful of not to push from your toes or using your calves’ muscles like you would do in a broad jump.
  4. Land on the ball of your feet and letting your heels slightly touch the ground.

Another drill for working the Achilles: Box jumps on a 20-inch box and rebounding back up again. If you don’t feel comfortable jumping on a box, head to a curb and jump 10 x up and down working on your springiness action.

Achilles tendon does not have to be YOUR Achilles heel. If you stay ahead of the game, working on landing forefoot, along with keeping your ankles and feet flexible and calves stretch. You will be running like a cheetah in no time!

Disclaimer: All of this information would NOT be possible if it was not for Dr. Romanov and his AMAZING team at Pose Method Running. Check out the new book, “The Running Revolution.”

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On the 6th Day of Pose Method Running Tips…

6th Day of PoseMy Pose Coach gave to me…Learning how to Pull.
Remember at the Pose Clinics, we talk about three different cues: pose, fall and pull. Pull is the “fun” phase because this is where athletes will run with both feet off the ground, the flight phase. According to Dr. R, “You accomplish flight by pulling your support foot off the ground at the end of the falling phase, before your lead foot lands again in the running Pose.”  See how these guys are in flight mode. (So pretty…)
So, how do we practice pulling drills? The Change of Support Drill. This can be a tough drill because you are changing support in your Pose position from one leg to another leg from a stationary position.
The Change of Support Drill
  1. Start in your running Pose on your left foot. Bring your left foot up to your right knee, with that right knee staying bent.
  2. Head, shoulders, hip and feet are aligned, while the left foot is in Pose position. Make sure you are looking out at the horizon and not down.
  3. Get ready to fall.
  4. As you are fall into from your Pose position, to the next…PULL up your right foot from the fall and go into your Pose position, while landing on your left foot.
  5. Landing on your right leg naturally and drop your foot down…where? On the ball of your foot.
  6. Repeat as necessary.
(Another way of doing the Change of Support drill is by holding on to the wall and changing of support in place. Don’t fall. Just pulling the feet off the ground.)
Applying the The Change of Support Drill: Go for a 30 minute run. Practice your springiness/jump rope drills before your run. Around 15 minutes, stop your watch (YES, it is OK!) and give me 3 x 10 reps (5 on each leg). Practice your Falling into the Wall Drill, Pose Position and non Pose Position.  Have an AWESOME Tuesday and see you tomorrow for Day #7!
Disclaimer: All of this information would NOT be possible if it was not for Dr. Romanov and his AMAZING team at Pose Method Running. Check out the new book, “The Running Revolution.”
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