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Find Your 😇 & 😈 On Race Day

And away we go. This weekend, we will see athletes lining up at the North America early season Ironman 70.3 Triathlons, either at Oceanside, California or Galveston, Texas. This is the exciting time for a lot of us. Not only as an athlete but also as a coach. As an athlete, I get to see

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Positive Change Formula

A year ago, I remember reading about the “Positive Change Formula” and I was very intrigued with it. I starting doing some research and this is what the formula consist of: Awareness + Time + Quality = Positive Change Check out the video below about the Positive Cha Formula:   Here is the “Cliff Notes”

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #10

This past week, we had some GOOD RulonTriTips of the Day. I LOVE what I chatted with you all about on Monday, as it is called Mindset Monday. Enjoy!

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #7

FINALLY uploaded. I was having the hardest time uploading and figured out that Apple has a device on our phone to record from our phone. Good old Apple! Enjoy this weeks!

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #5

Week #5 out of 52 Weeks of your #RulonTriTip of the Day!

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