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Strength Train Your Mind 🏋🏼

Definition of STRENGTH: The quality or state of being strong: Capacity for exertion or endurance. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/strength) If you have been following me for a while, you probably realize how much I LOVE STRENGTH and what it does for the human body. As a coach, when I have given my athletes a strength program specific for triathletes,  I

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Everything Comes Down To 💩

Do you all remember the show, “Scrubs?” Probably one of my favorite shows and love watching it on Netflix, when I don’t want to think. If you have watched the show Scrubs, do you remember the musical production of, “Everything Comes Down to Poo?” If you have never watched Scrubs, let me introduce you to

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Life Lessons of an Athlete – July 19th

Here is Week #7 of our Summer Series, “Life Lessons of an Athlete.” Today, we chat about Chapter 1, “Be Original!” Interested in getting my Life Lessons in a PDF format for ONLY $3.99? Click HERE to get it in your inbox TODAY!

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How Alcohol Can Affect Athletic Performance 🍻

The Impact of Alcohol on Health, Performance, and Recovery You might have encountered this dilemma before: you want to enjoy some drinks with friends, but you’re worried that the alcohol and extra calories might negatively affect your training. It’s difficult to weight the pros and cons in this situation if you aren’t familiar with the

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Life Lessons of an Athlete – July 12th

Here is week #6 of our Summer Series, “Life Lessons of an Athlete.” We chat about Chapter 3 in my “Life Lessons of an Ironman Triathlete,” Book.

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