Testimonial from Frank Sole via Amazon:

Jen’s approach in her book is more like you are sitting in a coffee shop and over your favorite expresso you are having a deep one-on-one conversation built around personal experiences, trust and a connection to a spiritual awakening!

Take away: There is a lesson to be learned in every circumstance that life will catapult at us. Jen explores the essence of humanity each and every one of us have on a daily basis with the four categories of life: emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.

Jen approaches each topic knowing that she has been there and done that. Clearly, she is challenging and empowering the reader to take the time to research, look deep, quiet the soul, reflect and then draw your own conclusion. Sir Edmund Hillary summed it best: “It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

Self Motivation Strategies for Women should be read more like a textbook; read in small gulps, digest it thoroughly, reread a page if necessary and simply apply.

Jen’s encouragement is passionately dripping off the pages like tiny droplets of water to the dry mouth of an ironmen athlete. Breathe it all in, slowly, like the smell of the air after a summer storm. Her approach is a collection of timeless strategies that once applied have the ability to move you down the road to live your best life.

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