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What Does a Triathlete Need for 2019? Survey

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Strength Train Your Mind 🏋🏼

Definition of STRENGTH: The quality or state of being strong: Capacity for exertion or endurance. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/strength) If you have been following me for a while, you probably realize how much I LOVE STRENGTH and what it does for the human body. As a coach, when I have given my athletes a strength program specific for triathletes,  I

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Life Lessons of an Athlete – June 27th

Let’s chat about “Control What You Can Control.” Chapter 5 in my “Life Lessons of an Athlete” Book. Not only does it apply to racing but every day life. The weather. The traffic. What are you going to wear? How will you handle the wind? A huge shout out to Mental Grit Consulting and Nathan

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4 Steps to Racing After an Injury 🏃🏽

After the Ironman World Championship, I was on cloud 9. I felt AMAZING and felt like I could have done anything and everything. As time was moving on from October 14th, I started working out again but I wasn’t doing your typical swim, bike and run. I went to The Tribe in San Antonio, along

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Find Your 😇 & 😈 On Race Day

And away we go. This weekend, we will see athletes lining up at the North America early season Ironman 70.3 Triathlons, either at Oceanside, California or Galveston, Texas. This is the exciting time for a lot of us. Not only as an athlete but also as a coach. As an athlete, I get to see

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