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On Season: Strength Training 🏋🏼 & the Triathlete 🏃🏽

This vlog post was SO popular in 2017, that honestly, I had to repost it and share with you all this week, especially as you are heading into your triathlon season.  I think some of the hardest things to do for triathletes is to figure out how to maintain it all: swim, bike, run and

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5 Tips to Lose Your Ironman Race Day Blues 👊🏼

Those words will be ingrained in your head: “You. Are. An. Ironman.” You accomplished what you have been training for, for the last year. You go to bed after that long day and wake up sore, tired, sunburned, smiling from ear to ear, and happy. You did an Ironman (or a 70.3 Ironman). A week

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Your 5 Tips of Being An Ironman Sherpa 💥

Last week, I chatted with you all about the “Daily Life of Ironman Sherpa.” I explained what a sherpa was and what a typical Ironman Triathlon Day looks like, as an Ironman Sherpa. I also explained to you all that I would MUCH rather do an Ironman Triathlon than being a sherpa. I know sounds

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #10

This past week, we had some GOOD RulonTriTips of the Day. I LOVE what I chatted with you all about on Monday, as it is called Mindset Monday. Enjoy!

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“Rulon Rules” For Core Work

When people think about “core,” they will automatically think of sit ups but also think of rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques but there is SO much more to core then those abs. Today let me give you my “Rulon Rules” to Doing Core Work. And we will talk about the core as a whole,

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