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What Does a Triathlete Need for 2019? Survey

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Top 5 Post of 2018

💥Happy New Year💥 I will keep this short as I want you to enjoy the rest of your week. I can guarantee that you are trying to get back in the swing of things with work, school and life! Today, I will share with you the top blogs from 2018: 1. Updated 2018 “Top Five

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How Alcohol Can Affect Athletic Performance 🍻

The Impact of Alcohol on Health, Performance, and Recovery You might have encountered this dilemma before: you want to enjoy some drinks with friends, but you’re worried that the alcohol and extra calories might negatively affect your training. It’s difficult to weight the pros and cons in this situation if you aren’t familiar with the

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Can I Be a Vegan Triathlete? 🚴🏽

About 5 months ago, I reached out to my viewers to find out what they were interested in when it came to learning about triathlon and BEYOND. One of my questions was, “What would you like to see more of on “JenRulon.com” Blog?”  Almost 65% of you said “Every Day Nutrition.”  I couple of you

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Daily Meal Planning 🍌🍳

**Disclaimer: This article may be more for triathletes that are just starting to get into the sport or people who are wanting to get a little bit more organized with their food intake. This article may not be for your if you have been doing this for a while. I have so many people asking

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