Top Five Lessons Learned in 2017

Business Trips are the best and business trips that I learn from. I just came back from Tempe, Arizona and I am feel ENERGIZE due to what I encountered.

As a triathlon coach running a business, it can truly be a lot for someone to run the whole thing. While I do love running a business from home, sometimes you get in the a pattern. For example,  I will stay in my stretchy pants a little bit longer than I should and start laundry in the middle of the day.  In 2018, I told myself that I was going to commit to get out of the house for some business conferences, meetups with human beings, etc.

My first conference for 2018, I went to the Triathlon Business International (TBI) Conference this past weekend. As I was flying back, I started thinking about my journey and where I came from when I got my USA Triathlon Level I certification in 2001, to getting my Masters Degree at UTAS in Kinesiology, emphasis in Exercise Science to now. Wow, what a journey!

As I was flying back, I was think about the “Life Lessons” that I have learned NOT only as a triathlete but also my “Life Lessons” learned as a business owner.

A couple of years ago, I came up with “Lessons Learned as a Business Owner.” Today, things haven’t changed much BUT I did learn some good lessons this past year. So today, I present to you, “Top Five Lessons Learned in 2017:”

Surround Yourself with Like Minded People

You hear this a lot, whether it is being an athlete in the triathlon world, being a runner or a Zumba lover. It can be tough hanging out with people, who maybe not understand your passion as a business owner or a Zumba lover. This is what I realized though…I didn’t have to hang out with triathlon business owners, I needed to hang out with business owners that were building a business online and that were going there brand to a different level.

My mentors that have helped me a #shitton have been:

  • Sue B. Zimmerman
  • Dai Manuel
  • Rick Martinez
  • Jacki Carr

Tip: Look at getting a business coach! Trust me they keep you accountable just like a triathlon coach does! Check out my FREE PDF on “Five Most Strategic Ways to Rock Your Triathlon Coaching Business.”

The Riches are in the Niches

I have heard this before and it never really connected UNTIL I got specific with my business. Yes, I coach triathletes and triathlon coaches. When I first started, I was coaching runners, cyclist, swimmers, had strength classes for triathletes and helping companies and building programs. OH MY WORD! I was going crazy! It was too much and I was getting nowhere! Find out who you serve and trust me, you will become much more successful. (See #4)

Tip: Stopping taking everyone and everybody on to make money. I know you want to make money but you need to chill f&*k out!

Survey Your Audience

A business owner does not decide the possible profitability of a business venture by ‘hunch’ alone. Yes, the best business owners have the best ‘hunches’. Even so, they make sure that their business idea undergoes thorough feasibility study first. A feasibility study serves many purposes. But first and foremost, it tells the business owner if a business idea is likely to ‘fail’ or succeed’.  A feasibility study also allows an entrepreneur to assume possible difficulties and possible solutions to problems. You could hire someone to help you out but it is a very simple process. You need to come up with questions to ask your audience.

Tip: Check out Survey Monkey or Google Form to help you with your survey to your audience members!

Know your Target Clients

As a business owner,  you will be part of the so-called ‘supply’ chain. You will be supplying the ‘demands’ of your customers-to-be. Therefore, it is necessary that you know the demography of your target customers. I will actually have a target clients for a male and a female. Let’s say, your idea customer is a women between the ages 35- 45, live in North America, loves to cook, who is a stay at home Mom and she is wanting to better cooking tips to help you family live a healthier lifestyle, then you can get super specific with what you want to offer them. For example, if you client doesn’t like to cook but you have this AMAZING program on “How to Make Cooking More Efficient,” then this will not help your customers. Make sense?

Tip: See #2. The Riches are in the Niches!

Change the Mindset from a “Hobby” to a Business

The first couple of years were tough and trust me there are times that it is still tough because it can be VERY overwhelming. So many endurance coaches have started their business as a hobby and stayed in that mindset. I remember when I was getting frustrated with my business, I said to Chris, “It would be easier to work at Starbucks and get a pound of coffee a week, instead of trying to build this brand.”

Here is where I needed to shift the mindset. I needed to get out of the fact, I was going to give up my business. I was going to stop saying, “I need to work at Starbucks.” This mindset was ruining my growth. I finally let it go and BAM! My business started skyrocketing!

Tip: The mindset is a HUGE piece of being a triathlete, now it is time to shift that for your business!

Over the years, I have had the ups and downs of a business, just like any other business. Those ups definitely outweigh the downs but the downs taught a lot about myself and how to grow within my business!

If you are truly looking to grow your brand through social media, then grab my FREE PDF today! Click HERE or click the photo below.

If you already got the FREE PDF and you want to jump on a phone call with me on how to grow that business of yours…do so by heading to my calendar HERE!



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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #4

Week #4 out of 52 Weeks of your #RulonTriTip of the Day! 

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“Rulon Rules” to Changing your Mindset

Last year was a whole lot of “right” in my world, as it was that epic year for me! You all know that! HA!

So many people asked me what changed or what I did different?

First of all, I had an amazing coach that provided a pretty thought out plan.

Second of all, I did the fucking work. I made it happen. I pushed hard and I learned how to “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.”

Last but not least, I learn how to change the mindset and honestly, this was a “tipping point” in my training. Let me explain and then I will share a video that I did last year, 6 weeks prior to my epic Ironman Mont Tremblant!

Why the Right Mindset is Everything When it Comes to Triathlon Training & Racing

If you plan on having an EPIC year, then what do you need to do to make that happen?

Answer: It is all about your mindset and the way you approach a goal and go after your training.

According to the 2015 USA Triathlon Membership Report, there were over 432,447 triathletes signed up for annual membership and daily memberships! That’s INSANE!

Here we have over 430,000 people doing a triathlon but let me ask ya’ll this:

  1. What is the percentage of these triathletes that succeed?
  2. What do they recognize as their success?
  3. What is the percentage of these triathletes that accomplished what they wanted to accomplish?

We don’t have these statics but there are some athletes that did not succeed in their goals, nor did they accomplish what they wanted to accomplish. So what happens? We hear fucking excuses.

  • Genetics
  • Training Program
  • The Race
  • Nutrition
  • Equipment

You get my point…In my video below, I talk about how the mind tends to “stop” before the body does but let’s talk about mindset first!

How Your Mindset Changes the Game

The reality is that you can have the worst genetics in the world, following the worst training program, but if you are vigilant and you stick at it then you should still see results. Even if you do a triathlon and it didn’t go your way due to getting hit in the head in the swim or bonking on the run but you crossed that finish line, you did it!

The single key factor is that you stuck to finishing the triathlon regarding less of getting hit in the head during the swim or bonking on the run and to do that, you need to get into the right mindset.

The Biggest Mistake People Make

So how do you change your mind precisely?

What is this big mistake that so many people make?

One of the biggest problems is that many of us want results too fast. We want to see a change in our physique now and thus we start training like Crowie or Chrissie and after the first triathlon, we didn’t win (Granted, Chrissie may not have been the best example there!)

Of course, all this does is to make us incredibly exhausted, stressed and to possibly prevent us from enjoying triathlon and WHY we decided to do it in the first place.

What happens next? We give up.

Check out this video that I did last year with my IronZen group re: the book, “How Bad Do You Want It?” by Matt Fitzgerald. 

Here are my “Rulon Rules” to Changing your Mindset:

  1. Figure out WHY you are doing triathlons training and racing!
  2. Get consistent with your triathlon training plan, so you can see results.
  3. “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.” It is going to HURT to get faster. Trust me!
  4. Remember it is going to take time. That is OK! You have time to get faster. You have time to improve. You are going to live your life anyway!
  5. Start visualizing your race, your training and stop with the damn excuses. Do you want to improve or stay mediocre? Your call…

Do you want to be Good? Do you want to be Great? You decide…

Check out Matt Fitzgeralds book TODAY! 

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #3

I am missing a day on the #RulonTriTip for week #3, as I forgot to save it! #DOH. With that said, that tip was “Do NOT do a Marathon before an Ironman Triathlon. It will cause havoc on your body and the recovery time will be a month plus.” Check out my blog if you want more information about that!


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“Rulon Rules” of Macronutrient Counting

If there is one thing that is absolutely vital to ourselves, it’s eating healthy. We also know that exercise is important and we, as triathletes do that pretty well. BUT what happens when life happens, there is an injury or we are just not motivated to train, maybe like we have in the past?

Eating healthy is the most basic foundation of good health. Without good eating habits, every aspect of your body and mind will be impaired or damaged. For example, you don’t have to eat 8,000 grams of fiber a day, or run away screaming from the word sugar. It is all about practicing moderation and following some very general guidelines, which can go a very long way towards improving your overall health. Finding the proper balance of nutrition for your own body can be difficult, but there are many tools available to help you analyze your own eating habits.

Everyone is Different

First of all, everyone’s body is different. That means everyone’s optimal balance of nutrition is going to be different. Just because your triathlon friend LOVES Bulletproof Coffee, does not mean that it will work well for you!  Nutrition is one of the great balancing acts of our lives on and off the race course.  You have to be prepared to take time to find the best combination,  make mistakes along the way, possibly even gain weight as one option or another doesn’t work out. It will take time for you to figure what works for you!

For example: I do LOVE the Paleo diet and when I was on it, I felt amazing, dropped the weight, cut the gluten and really leaned up. When I got back to Ironman Triathlon training, I couldn’t do it. While I didn’t go CRAZY on the breads, I added rice, GF pasta, Protein Pancakes, sweet potatoes, GF breads because I needed a lot more CHO the what I was getting in the Paleo Diet. That is what worked for me. Right?

Different areas of nutrition interact with your body in different ways, so don’t let yourself feel down if you can’t bullseye the answer immediately.

Second of all, you have heard me talk about this before looking at the basic areas of nutrition:

  • Carbohydrates (CHO)
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Water
  • Vitamins/Minerals (another day)

There are two tools that have helped me with “Counting my Macros” and starting to take the weight off from the “Season of Improvement:”

  1. My Fitness Pal
  2. Macronutrients Calculator

My Fitness Pal App

If you want help tracking your progress and what you eat, My Fitness Pal can produce helpful charts for you to see how much you are eating, overeating, and what you need to cut back on or reinforce to improve your body’s nutrition.

It will take a while to start using My Fitness Pal, BUT MFP makes it so easy for you, that you can scan the barcode for most foods. This is the thing about triathletes, we are creatures of habits. You probably tend to do the same breakfast or lunch, because you know it works for you and you enjoy it. Right?

If you are trying to drop weight during the month of January, to feel a little bit better, heading into your triathlon training, you truly need to track what you eat, along with tracking your exercise. It’s great to see how you’ve been eating and working out, but anybody can understand that cutting back and working out more will help them lose weight.

My Fitness Pal guides you to see what you are taking in and whether you are taking in too much CHO, fat and protein or too little!! I see this a lot with triathletes, if you cut back too much, you could actually be harming your body, as it will go into starvation mode (basically, your metabolism dies and your body’s functions crawl to a halt). Cut back too little, and you’re not cashing in on weight loss potential.

For example, I remember working with a triathlete, who was working out twice a day but super low energy. I suggest to start tracking how many calories she was consuming. Come to find out she was ONLY taking in 800 calories!!! No wonder she was struggling on her workouts and always tired!

Macronutrients Calculator

Athlete: Wait? Coach Jen…How the heck do you figure out how many macronutrients you take in?

Coach Jen: Don’t you worry! Click HERE to head to the Macronutrient Calculator on my website!

It is actually a VERY simple calculator and I think you will find it easy to use. Remember, you have to fuel your body to be able to train the way we do. I understand that people want to cut weight but I also know that you will cut the weight when the training increases!

Let me break my “Rulon Rules of Macronutrient Counting” for you:

  1. Get on My Fitness Pal ASAP
  2. Fill out my Macronutrients Calculator and get your numbers
  3. Put those numbers into My Fitness Pal (You have to pay a yearly fee to be able to plug in your numbers, but it is well worth it.)
  4. Weigh yourself on a weekly basis AND if you are “ballsy” take a selfie of you in your bra/unders or just unders men :)
  5. Start counting your calories and plug EVERY little ounce of food in there.
  6. You will start seeing a difference once you keep yourself accountable and notice results.

I hope today’s blog helps you all out as we are Mid-January already. Maybe you didn’t start the year off right but remember, you don’t need to have a “resolution” to start. You just need to motivation to get you there…

Interested in jumping on 30 minute Consult Call with me and helping you break down your macros and throwing them into My Fitness Pal? Click HERE for my calendar!


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