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5 Questions Before You Sign Up for an Ironman 🚴🏼‍

The off season has began but it is always a great time to think about your 2019 Triathlon Season. Have you figured out what race you want to do? Have you figured out your season? Most people have but if you are getting ready for an Ironman race and you haven’t signed up for one,

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“Life Lessons of an Athlete” Summer Series

Starting on June 6th Noon CST, I will be doing a “Life Lessons of An Athlete” Summer Series on FaceBook Live. Each week will be at different times and days as I am trying to grab more people. I wanted to really sit down with people on FB, through my own experience but with other

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5 Tips to Lose Your Ironman Race Day Blues 👊🏼

Those words will be ingrained in your head: “You. Are. An. Ironman.” You accomplished what you have been training for, for the last year. You go to bed after that long day and wake up sore, tired, sunburned, smiling from ear to ear, and happy. You did an Ironman (or a 70.3 Ironman). A week

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Jen Rulon

What Your Muscles Look Like AFTER a Marathon?

The San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Marathon/Half Marathon was this past Sunday. I had the pleasure of having some athletes doing the half marathon and was able to cheer them on despite the weather (raining and humid!). It was great to see a lot of athletes out on the course, whether they were doing the full or

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Fundamentals Course Chat on Facebook Live

I am so so excited about my “Fundamentals Course to Triathlon”  because I get to put my knowledge all in one place for you all to succeed in your own triathlon journey. I look back at my triathlon journey and it has been almost 20 years since it started. #EEEEKKK. For example, I did my

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