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What Does a Triathlete Need for 2019? Survey

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Best HIIT Workouts for Triathletes 🏋🏽‍♀️

Triathletes are lazy! What? Yes, we tend to get in the grind of long, slow distance workouts, and tend not to get into our phosphagen energy (i.e.: anaerobic) system, which is engaged when doing maximum intensity for 3-30 seconds. I was just talking with a coach at The Tribe about how triathletes tend not to

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Triathletes & “Season of Improvement”

Here we are in and it is the beginning of December. You may have started your off season in September. Heck, maybe you even started it two weeks ago after Ironman Arizona. Regardless, every triathlete needs to take some time away from the norm and I think as triathletes, we tend to forget about it.

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5 Questions Before You Sign Up for an Ironman 🚴🏼‍

The off season has began but it is always a great time to think about your 2019 Triathlon Season. Have you figured out what race you want to do? Have you figured out your season? Most people have but if you are getting ready for an Ironman race and you haven’t signed up for one,

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Why Did You Start Triathlons? ☺️

Happy October! I LOVE October because it is Ironman Kona, and it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! My husband said to me the other day, “Jen, it is a birth”day” for a reason, not a month.” HA! I said he was silly. It is my BIRTHDAY MONTH :) With that said, please stay tuned to my newsletters

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