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March #Fearless Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Todd DiGrigoli for being the Rulon Racing Fearless Athlete of the Month!  Todd jumped on board as one of the OG’s, AKA “Original Gangsters,” of Rulon Racing. Todd did his first Ironman at Lake Placid and truly ROCKED the course. He did his first Ironman in under 13 hours! What an accomplishment! His teammates nominated

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“Rulon Rules” to a Pull-Up

Today let me give you my “Rulon Rules” to a Pull-Up. Pull-ups, especially strict pull-ups, are for a lot of people extremely difficult. Pull-ups are a FANTASTIC upper body workout, and we need that heading into the triathlon season for our swims! What muscles do pull-ups work? We got a lot here: Latissimus Dorsi Trapezius (lower and

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Starting February 28th….

Super stoked as I wanted to share with you all that I will be doing FaceBook Live starting Tuesday, February 28th. I will be doing two a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Times will vary each week, so stay tuned each week to find out when Facebook Live will be happening each week! Week of February

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Creating Your Mindset

In today’s vlog, I don’t talk about swimming, cycling, running or lifting. I chat with you all about learning how to “Creating YOUR Mindset.” I had a dear entrepreneur/friend talk about “Mindset” and I wanted to share it with you! Thanks Rick Martinez for always providing knowledge! You need to really listen to this one. Trust

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Creating the “Beast” in a Race

It is quite simple. I can give you a swim, bike, run, lift workouts ALL DAY long but how do you channel the BEAST on the race course? It is quite simple!

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