Discover Five Most Strategic Ways To ROCK Your Coaching Business

What do super-successful coaches and small business owners all have in common? It’s not experience. It’s not extraordinary skills. It’s not even a powerful drive. Although all of these things can definitely help your business grow, they’re not a prerequisite for success. After all, no one is born with...

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Over the last couple of years, I have had to turn away potential athletes due to lack of time on my end and/or potential athletes not able to afford to be a part of my team, Rulon Racing with the 1:1 Premium Triathlon Coaching with Coach Jen. Honestly, it sucked!

And last year, I kept saying, I needed to bring another coach on or hire someone to help me out. Well, I have done exactly that! I have done both. Starting NOW, I will have Coach Bobby helping me with Premium Coaching ranging from Sprint to IM 70.3 Triathlons!

Let me have Bobby chat about is accomplishments, as I am super stoked to have him on board!

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